Friday, January 15, 2010

Why I Stay at Home Mom

This is a topic that will always bring on millions of opinions. I will not try to impose my opinion on anyone but will try to share my views on this topic. I always been a stay at home mom for the last four years, prior to that I was a Computer Science graduate. I love staying home with my daughter. It gives me the opportunity to monitor her daily life at least for now while she is so small. Some may argue that my life is routine. Our day starts when my husband leaves very early for work so all the washing, dressing and feeding is on me in the morning. It gets a little hectic but such is life. Then the two of us go outside if the weather is good; we stay out for a bit and get some fresh air. I bring my daughter to preschool every other day. Then we go home have a snack and play, my four years old is a very good child she is able to entertain herself for a while so that gives me a chance to make lunch.

Everyone is different on what they want. I think maybe at one point I will go back to work. When my daughter are a bit older and are able to come home after school and do homework with me being next to her. I can come home and check that homework. As for now, I feel better if I am the one monitoring what she’s doing. We thought at one point of hiring a full time nanny if ever we have a twin. It’s very hard to trust someone to look after your child and make sure everything that needs to be done while you are away is done. It's not easy to hire a person to watch your child, take her to all the activities, feed her.

I think, this is a topic that can be discussed forever. There is always an opinion and a way to figure out what is better for the family. I guess time will show if I made the right choice, but for now, it sure feels right at least for me.

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