Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I haven't updated my blog

I know! I haven't updated in so long.

My Husband is on Christmas Break! We needed this break. And I realized that we need to take care of our household. So I decided to stop blogging for a few months and spent time with my family. And we have a good time together.

I am also busy these days. I also barely find time to sleep properly. And that affects my blog, of course - I haven't posted anything since I came from the Philippines and that is really annoying for me as well as for my readers.

Blogging is not easy. You need to prepare your topics in advance. This is a must. You know what you are blogging about and you should always have a prepared list of topics. This way you can easily write an article when you have an inspiration or simply when you find some free time. I always have a list of at least five subjects. I just don't have time.

You can also write a few articles in advance. Then you can post them on regular basis and keep focus on work without worrying about next article. But I don't do that on regular basis :(. I often find myself in the same predicament, but tend not to worry about it much. Readers, in general, will forgive you for your absence.

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