Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solaris 4th Birthday Today

Today is Solaris four years birthday.

Amazing. I remember the first time we saw her. That is the moment when reality hit: We've created a little being and she's growing inside me at this very moment. There is no greater, scarier feeling. Except for when that little being is born. That feeling intensifies ten-fold.

It's amazing to watch this beautiful little girl grown from a tiny little infant to the independent little girl she has become. In the blink of an eye, our little woman turned One, then Two, then Three. Today she's Four. Four! What happened to my baby?!

I can do nothing to stop the time from passing, but I know that I can cherish every moment she is learning, growing, loving, caring, playing, exploring, and smiling.

Happy birthday Princess. We love you! I hope that someday you can experience as a parent the magic, wonder, excitement and endless unconditional love you have brought to our lives.

And we thank God every day that we get to be your Parents. Happy Birthday princess!

We love you,
Mama & Papa

Regarding the Party: We have no plans yet. But today we are going to watch the movie:
Monsters vs. Aliens animated movie. Where Sol asked about it then go some places to have fun for the three of us.

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