Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Six Flags Great America

artificial waterfalls

wild water rides

water boat rides

parking lot and entrance top view

Carousel with poolside top view

water parks, car racing, thrill rides top view

roller coaster

computer games

with Flintstones

We took our family and some of our relatives, to Great America for the first time in July last year. They loved it. My husband and I were going to go to some shows but didn't have time because of all the rides to try and the water park. The day was quite warm and sunny and the water park beckoned us early afternoon. We loved this place. Even though we’ve only been there twice in our life, it was still amazing. The park has it all kids areas , roller coaster, rides, shows, and a water park.

The showers/changing room area was small and not laid out well. They don’t have enough bathrooms lines to long for women. Urine smell, liquid of some sort on the floor, stinks.

Because of the heavy prices, we did not buy any food there, we just brought some snacks and went out to our car to eat there. The vending machines changed a small fortune for water bottles, and the water fountains only had hot water, which does little to quench ones thirst. All in all, it was a pretty good experience. It's worth coming to the park just for the rides, even if it has problems.

A few things to keep in mind however:

1. There are crowds. Don't expect to get on rides instantly. The good thing about this is it helps you become more patient.

2. Food and drinks are expensive. You might think about keeping a cooler inside your car and packing it with a lunches, this really help keep the cost down.

3. It will (if you go in the summertime) be hot. It might even thunderstorm, especially in August, but just remember to have fun.

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