Thursday, January 21, 2010

KiddieLand, Melrose Park

We love this place. I love that you pay one price to get in and can ride all the rides over and over. My daughter was 3 yrs. & 4 mos. old this past summer when we went there, and she keeps bringing it up. She met Dora The explorer. She loved the place and didn't want to leave. I loved it because it was cheesy, old-school carnival feeling. It's small enough to feel like you have a handle on the place, but large enough to not be boring. On weekdays in the summer it's never been packed. The rides are perfect for the 10 and under set. The park is clean. Even the bathrooms - clean. Free soda pop! The food is reasonably priced. Nowhere near Great America prices. There are loads of rides for smallish kids - say 2 - 5 and there is plenty to do for the bigger kids. Jewel usually has coupons at the beginning of the season for $3 or so off admission. This place gets 5 stars for nostalgia, fun & value.

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