Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visited GENSAN Soon...

I really can't wait to see my family in GENSAN, Phils. For five years that I've been here in Chicago, life is totally different. Living in a large metropolitan area like Chicago, a lot of things to adjust from cultures, weather, languages, food, peoples and communities. I learn a lot of things that I’ve never learn before. I love this place especially the lake Michigan.

Chicago offers an endless variety of places to explore and things to do. There are museums of every kind; avant-garde art galleries; dance, theater, and music venues; plus ethnic and cultural riches in food, music, and shopping.

But, I still love Philippines; it’s my native land. Filipinos love to smile! There's no escaping it! My heart still belong to this place. There wasn’t much sightseeing or anything. But there’s a lot of improvement in our City and I can’t wait to see and visit them.

I saw some new tourist spot in Gensan which I really wanted to visit together with my family. See below.

Manny Pacquiao's mansion in General Santos City
Click the picture to see more

Sarangani Highlands
Click the picture to see more

Isla Parilla
Click the picture to see more

Sarangani Bay

Sarangani Island
Click the picture to see more

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BARILES said...

Hi there!

Welcome home in advanced!

Surely there is no place like home and there is no place like GenSan!

I hope you could get to visit the places you've missed once you're here again and reconnect not only with the people you love but with the city you call home.

If you want to meet other GenSan bloggers, feel free to contact me. One of our aims is to bond with expat bloggers who are back on vacation.

Ayo-ayo, and Magandang GenSan!


Maria said...

I already did visit last year summer. We stay for two months. I miss Gensan so bad.

Thanks for the wonderful comments.