Sunday, March 15, 2009

Proposed to Marry Tag

Have you ever thought about how on a woman’s hand a wedding ring always hides in the shadow of the engagement ring? Now, this is true even if your engagement ring is a slender band with a tiny sparkling diamond. But maybe there is a story to tell here.The engagement ring time is usually a time when you’re walking on air. There’s nary a care in the world and it’s like the two of you are in your own special space bubble, lost in time and space. It’s a different dimension and most things that happen around me either don’t intrude into my space or they don’t affect . It’s a glorious feeling and very often, that’s the way it goes right through from the time the engagement ring is slipped on up to the time the wedding ring joins it on my finger.

I personally make a Proposed to Marry Tag and wonder what other people have. Well, let’s continued to spread love around. Here's my story.

We got engaged at 24th floor Apo View Hotel Manila, Philippines. It was 17th of April 2003 after three days Juan arrived to the Philippines to met me for the very first time. So I was enjoy watching the view of beautiful Manila bay in the window. When he asked me to come unto him and tell me that there was something else. He then pulled out a box (this was a massive box so I didn’t think it was a ring) My husband to be asked me to shut my eyes and when I opened them - he said to me: "I want you to be my wife - I want you to marry me". He opened it and there was the most gorgeous ring inside. I burst into tears I just couldn’t believe it. Without hesitation I say YES! I will marry you. It was a complete surprise, my hubby to be had planned it perfectly. He asked me to marry him because we love each other. I get all emotional thinking about it, and could talk about it all day! Suffice to say, I went back to my room with my niece and I was extremely giddy for the rest of the evening with a gorgeous ring on my finger and the most amazing man in the world as my FIANCE! Wooooo!

Now, I am tagging all my lovely friends:
Madz, Amy, Analee, Umma, Ate Cecile, Rose, Lisa, Niko, Clarissa, Cookie, Grace, Enchie, Evan's Mom, Beth, Dhemz, Eden, Jane, Liza, Malou, pehpot, sparky, Kristie,kreez, Iceah. Shared your proposal story including the date, place and pictures and how romantic your fiance or your husband to be during proposal.

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